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Your Map of Germany

It is part of mankind's needs to locate itself in space. Our customizable Map of Germany is the map of the 21st century. We want to develop the classic paper map further, with different, selectable designs, personal map titles and your favourite locations.

Map of Germany  - your own markers Our map shows the most important cities, streets, rivers and waters, the most important mountains, as well as the borders of Germany's 16 states. Your Map of Germany is available in six unique designs, from which you can choose freely. You can also choose your own title and sutbitle.

The option to place and label your own markers on the map makes sure that every location which is important for you will be displayed on your map. This unique Map of Germany is telling your stories.

Your Map of Germany is printed in 70 x 100 cm, on 250 gr/m² matt paper, and will be delivered to your doorstep.

Styles - 6 unique designs

Your Map of Germany comes in your favourite design. Do you prefer the coloring of our existing Marmota Maps? Then you can choose the green style from our mountain maps, the blue from our maps of the ski resorts, or the grey of “Mapping Out the Alps”. In addition we created three new designs. The “Atlas Retro”-style resembles classic maps from the atlas. Or do you prefer a map without an altitude profile? Then our “Flat”-styles in black, or in warm colors are the right choice.

Deutschlandkarte in 6 unterschiedlichen Stilen

Style - Atlas Retro

Subtle, muted colors characterize this style. The map is loosely based on the classic maps with altitude profile from the atlas.

Deutschlandkarte Stil 4 - Retro

Style - Flat Black

The “Flat” styles come without an altitude profile. The German states are mostly presented in black. Only the three city-states, Berlin, Bremen, and Hamburg appear in red.

Deutschlandkarte Stil 5 - Flat

Style - Flat Warm

Same as the “Flat Black”-map this style come without an altitude profile. The sixteen German states are kept in different bright, warm colors.

Deutschlandkarte Stil 6 - Flat mit bunten Bundesländern

Style - Map Grey

This style is based on our map “Mapping Out the Alps”. The altitude profile consists of different shades of grey, which allows for own markings to be easily visible.

Deutschlandkarte Stil 1 - Marmota Maps - Alpen Gestalten

Style - Mountain Green

We use this style for our mountain and hiking maps. The altitude profile consists of different shades of green.

Deutschlandkarte Stil 3 - Marmota Maps - Alpenberge Karte

Style - Ski Blue

This well-known and popular style is used on our maps of the ski resorts. Shades of blue show the different altitude levels. From the deep blue in the North German Plain to the Alpine white in Southern Germany, for altitudes above 2,000 meters.

Deutschlandkarte Stil 2 - Marmota Maps - Ski Karte


Each map features an infographic on the sixteen German states. It relates population and area for each state in a radar chart.

Deutschlandkarte Infografik